Ofsted Reports


Our last Ofsted inspection in March 2019 stated:

  • There is strong teamwork within the school and a clear ambition to do the best for every pupil.
  • Parents, carers and staff hold the school in very high regard. The following is typical of the very many positive responses to Parent View: ‘I could not wish for a better school for my children. All staff from office staff to the lunchtime monitors, teachers to the head make this school a warm and friendly place to be.’
  • Staff are proud to work at the school, they feel motivated, respected, trusted and supported in a school that is well led and managed.
  • The proportions of seven- and 11-year-old pupils who achieved the higher standards in writing were well above the national averages. In 2018, these proportions were above or well above the national average in each of reading, writing and mathematics. Progress was also above or significantly above average.
  • The progress that pupils make in writing has also been above average for the last two years.
  • You have introduced a variety of approaches to involve parents more closely in their children’s learning. These include a range of opportunities for parents to gain first-hand experience of learning activities in areas such as phonics, English and mathematics. They also receive advice on how best to support their children’s learning at home.
  • Attendance rates are high, and pupils enjoy coming to school. This is not surprising, given the wide range of exciting activities available to them, both in and outside the classroom.
  • Pupils develop an understanding of right and wrong through a clear code of conduct which focuses on treating everyone equally.
  • Pupils behave very well in and outside the classroom. They show respect for staff and visitors and show great sensitivity in their dealings with each other. They approach their learning with enthusiasm and concentration and are proud to show how well they have progressed during their time in school.
  • Pupils gain an understanding of the major world religions. Coupled with the extensive work on inclusion and diversity, this is enhancing the pupils’ understanding of life in modern Britain.

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