Northwich School Parliament

The Northwich Children's Parliament is a group of 52 children drawn from all 26 schools in the Northwich Primary School Partnership. The group meets regularly to discuss and try to address issues relevant to children across the area.

Winnington Park has two representatives on the Northwich Children's Parliament.

They meet regularly with councillors from other local primary schools to agree and work on aims for the year ahead.

After each meeting our two councillors feed back to our school council who in turn report back to their classes.

One of the priorities for this school year has been finding out how much of a problem littering is in town and around our schools and investigating ways to combat this. Following presentations by Cheshire Police and CWAC community officers the parliamentarians organised an anti-littering poster competition across all of the schools. The children then chose the winning designs and Northwich Town Council have agreed to fund their transformation into permanent signs which will be displayed around the town and parks.

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