School Council

2021 - 2022 

Our School Council is made up of pupils from Year 1 to Year 6, one member from each class. School Council representatives are chosen by their own class by voting at the beginning of each academic year. They reguarly meet with Miss Hope to discuss topics that are relevant to them. Represenatives communicate the views of their class and share ideas to make our school a safe and happy place to be. 

At the beginning of the year we agreed on our aims. 

  • To make sure our school is a safe and happy place to be
  • To help everyone make the right choices
  • To ensure all children in our school have their voice heard
  • To encourage all children to take an active part in issues that affect them and other members of our school community
  • To encourage everyone to make our school as environmentally friendly and responsible as possible
  • To help make everyone take responsibility for making our school the best it can be




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