School Council

Read our thoughts on Lockdown and return to school in the attached file.

Election Time at Winnington Park!


On Monday 7th September this year's campaign was launched .

School council elections were held in class groups this year. 

Voting Day - Friday 11th September.

Congratulations to all those elected to represent their classes this year.

Our School Council has one representatives from each class who are democratically elected.

School Councillors play an important part in our School Parliament meetings.

During the first two weeks of the Autumn term nominations are made, election campaigns run and voting takes place. The successful candidates are announced in Assembly.

Their first job is to agree aims for the year ahead.



  • To make sure our school is a safe and happy place to be
  • To help everyone make the right choices
  • To ensure all children in our school have their voice heard
  • To encourage all children to take an active part in issues that affect them and other members of our school community
  • To encourage everyone to make our school as environmentally friendly and responsible as possible
  • To help make everyone take responsibility for making our school the best it can be

October 2019

School Councillors received an invitation to attend the Royal British Legion Northwich Branch Poppy Appeal launch at the Cenotaph on Church road. 

Several of our councillors represented our school at the event on October 26th, attending with their parents.

Many thanks to parents for your support.

January 2020

School councillors supported discussions about reading in their school Parliament groups. As a result of this, our school libraries will be reorganised into genres.

February 2020

We discussed behaviour at Winnington Park and how our house points and traffic lights systems support the development of good behaviour. We discussed changes that could be made. Please read our feedback.

March 2020

We discussed respect during our school parliament meeting. We thought about respect for ourselves and others, property, resources and equipment and our environment. Read what we had to say.


Read about some of the things the school council have worked on in previous years.

11.1.19 School Councillors worked with Matthew Clarke to give feed back on Starting Well visit forms.

23.1.19 Voting on plans for the development of Verdin Park Play Area.

8.6.18 Nadine from Cheshire Schools FA joined our school council meeting to discuss safeguarding in sport. School councillors were keen to make sure Nadine knew how much everyone enjoys taking part in different sports both in and out of school but also  shared their concerns about times they might not feel as safe as they would like, for example, when parents and other spectators are shouting at individual team members, especially at the opposing side. They shared with Nadine how much they dislike adults swearing during sporting events, many had witnessed this on the television and some had heard it during their own team football matches out of school. They also raised concerns about small children and babies being brought to matches and suggested that the provision of creches run by qualified staff would be a good idea to keep everyone safe.

Nadine was very impressed with their contributions and is going to continue to work with our school.


Matthew Clarke, Participation and Engagement Worker from the Starting Well Service joined our school councillors to talk about the flu bug. He asked their help to design stickers ready for next year's flu vaccination day. Matthew took away some fantastic designs with a promise to bring back examples of the stickers when they are ready.

6.7.18 School councillors discussed how safe it is to cross the roads around our school. They talked about the different roads they have to cross on their walk to school and how safe they feel. The Iron Bridge was identified as a particular problem for many children for the following reasons:

  • There is no pedestrian crossing.
  • It is at  a T junction.
  • It is difficult to see.
  • The roads are very busy there at the times children come to school.
  • There are traffic lights for cars but no pedestrian time so cars are continually driving past.
  • Children often find they have to run across the road which is dangerous.
  • Parents are reluctant to allow older children to walk to school because of the above reasons and so children don't get to practise walking to school before they move to High school.
  • Children are worried they will be late for school because they have to wait so long to cross safely.

School councillors then filled in a Case Study sheet about the Iron Bridge Pedestrian Crossing for the People's Choice Group.

We can now cross Moss Road safely using the new pedestrian crossing.



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